What Is Sprouted Bread?

 You may have heard of the term, “sprouted bread”, used to describe a healthier version of bread compared to white or whole grain flour-based products. In this article, we will delve into what sprouted bread exactly is, how it is made, and the plethora of flavor and health benefits associated with it.

What is Sprouted Bread?

Sprouted bread refers to vitamin-rich, nutritious bread made from whole grains. Yet, unlike typical bread, sprouted bread consists of whole grains, or seeds, that have been allowed to start germinating or sprouting (hence the name). The process of using sprouted seeds to create bread is speculated to have originated as early as 8000 B.C.E.; archaeological evidence indicates that our human ancestors stored grain seeds in damp conditions, causing them to sprout and be used in early forms of bread cooked over the fire. In our modern day and age, sprouted bread production has been refined to yield delicious and healthy alternatives to typical white or whole grain bread varieties. 

The contemporary process of cultivating sprouted bread looks something like this: whole grain seeds are placed in a controlled agricultural environment— with ideal temperatures and moisture levels— until the seeds begin to sprout. Next, the germinated seeds are drained and ground into flour, finely chopped, or kneaded into bread dough. Once baked, the result is scrumptious, nourishing bread!



Pacha Gluten-Free Sprouted Bread

Here at PACHA, we source our over 90% of our buckwheat seeds directly from regenerative, organic farms in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We are working with these farmers as they implement more sustainable farming practices that build topsoil, reduce water use, and benefit pollinators and local ecosystems. We also contract a small amount of our buckwheat from Minn-Dak Mills in North Dakota; 100% of our grains processed by Minn-Dak Growers can be traced to organic farms in the Midwest (many based in Montana!).

After receiving raw seeds from our sources, we begin a 3-day production process at PACHA’s facilities in Vista, California to make our sprouted bread. First, our buckwheat seeds are soaked for 24 hours to begin the process of germination. This soaking process helps in the removal of phytic acid (a substance normally found in typical bread varieties that limits bodily absorption of vitamins and minerals). Next, we blend our sprouted seeds with Himalayan pink salt and other natural spices to create a mouthwatering range of PACHA bread flavors (check out our product collection here!) Then, we allow these batches to ferment for another 12 to 18 hours, so that the naturally-occurring wild yeast in our mixture can ferment the batter into a sourdough. Finally, we bake each loaf fresh! The final product: PACHA’s yummy gluten-free, certified organic, Paleo, AND vegan bread that nourishes your body and taste buds!

How Long Does Sprouted Bread Last?

Once ordered, PACHA bread is shipped frozen to your doorstep to ensure maximum freshness in 3 days or less from your shipping date. Once delivered, we recommend freezing your PACHA bread until you are ready to enjoy. PACHA sprouted bread products will last up to a week in your refrigerator, or up to a year unopened in the freezer! Read more about our shelf life and sprouted bread care tips here.


Why is Gluten-Free, Sprouted Bread Better?

Now that you know more about what sprouted bread is and how we make ours, you may be wondering why you should care, and what makes us better than the rest. Well, the extensive benefits of PACHA’s sprouted, gluten-free bread include enhanced taste, maximized nutrition levels, and ideal digestion factors!

Because PACHA uses 100% real food and whole seeds to create our delicious line of sprouted bread products, our taste is completely unique to other bread varieties. You will never find strange fillers, unpronounceable ingredients, or chalky-tasting flours in PACHA bread. Instead, we derive our ingredients straight from the earth to ensure our bread tastes naturally delectable! Ultimately, we are not trying to be a replacement for traditional glutinous white or wheat bread. Rather, we want to share the incredible and unmatched flavor of sprouted bread with the world, because we believe it is truly the future of the bread industry due to its revolutionary taste and nutritional benefits!

Not only do our products taste amazing, but PACHA bread has key health advantages. Our entire line of sprouted, gluten-free and vegan products:

-Contains vital nutrients, including folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium

-Breaks down and eliminates phytate (a derivative of phytic acid), found in typical bread, which normally reduces bodily absorption of vitamins & minerals

-Consists of high levels of dietary fiber and protein 

-Avoids ALL top food allergens (gluten, soy, egg, dairy, peanuts, nuts, wheat, and shellfish)

As you can see, sprouted bread has a wide array of notable health benefits. According to reports from experts of the Cereal & Grains Association, sprouted bread also shows significant improvements overall in glucose release, digestibility, protein, fiber solubility, as well as vitamin and mineral levels, compared to other techniques (see Figure 1.1).



Figure 1.1 Cereal & Grains Association, Wheat Preprocessing Methods to Improve Nutritional and Technological Functionality, 2019

As specified by the report above from the Cereal & Grains Association, sprouted bread also aids in overall digestibility. Because PACHA’s tasty line of breads incorporates whole, sprouted seeds instead of typical ground flours, our products prevent blood sugar spikes commonly associated with starchy white breads. Instead, the plethora of nutrients found in PACHA bread uptake slowly throughout the process of digestion, making us an ideal choice for diabetics and anyone looking to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

On top of this, PACHA bread is one of the only gluten-free breads on the market that does not contain gums or binding agents (xantham, guar gum, etc). In turn, the avoidance of these additives makes PACHA bread even more ideal for digestion; gums and binding agents found in other bread varieties typically aggravate laxative issues, such as bloating and stomach sensitivity. PACHA bread doesn’t contain eggs either, making us 100% vegan!

In Closing…

We hope this blog post provides you with a better understanding of the difference between traditional and sprouted bread, PACHA’s organic, naturally-sourced production process, and the many advantages associated with making the switch to sprouted seed products. So what are you waiting for? Try some delicious PACHA loaves for yourself and taste the difference! 

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